Nuts and Glory

Simple, honest, and brazenly old-fashioned, these granola bars will remind you what good food is supposed to taste like. Whether powering through your latest triathlon or an afternoon of business meetings, these bars will keep you going strong and coming back for more.

I use natural ingredients that you may just have in your own kitchen – if I can't envision it in its natural state, whether that be organic butter from happy cows or pecans growing in a orchard, I don’t use it. With a pleasing balance of simple sugars, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, my granola bars are ultimately satisfying and they provide sustained energy.  One of my most faithful client groups is a local triathlon team (go team TriMac!) with many athletes telling me how well these bars fuel them through their endurance events.  

They're not vegan and they're not raw … but they do taste divine.  I use the finest, highest quality ingredients I can find.  Each of the four flavors I've created includes some combination of the following ingredients: 100% whole grain rolled oats, oven-toasted pecans and almonds, raw pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds, raw sesame seeds, organic unsweetened coconut, organic unsulfured apricots, organic raisins, dates, dried cranberries, raw unfiltered Colorado honey, organic crisped brown rice, organic peanut butter, tahini, organic unbleached free trade cane sugar, organic maple sugar, and organic unsalted butter.  

A note on allergies:

  • Gluten: each of my granola bars contains either oats, crisped rice or a combination of both.  Both oats and rice are inherently free of gluten so if you prefer to leave gluten out of your diet, any of my granola bars are appropriate choices.  If you have Celiac disease, however, please use caution.  I do not use certified gluten-free oats which means there is a possibility of gluten cross-contamination at the factory that processes the oats I use in my bars.  If you have Celiac disease, The Biker Bar is the perfect choice because it does not contain oats.
  • Nuts:  If you're looking for a nut-free granola bar, please try For Love and Honey.  A full description of that flavor is below.
  • Dairy: My newest flavor, Nuts & Bolts, is dairy free!  Scroll down to learn more.




The original flavor that launched a business.  When one of my clients ordered 100 bars to get him through the summer, I knew I was on to something! 




My young son loved my granola bars so much that he created his own rap song when he was a toddler (watch below.) In the interests of keeping his sugar intake reasonable, I developed a child-friendly granola bar named For Love and Honey. With just 13 grams of sugar in the classic sized bar and less than 7 grams in the nugget size, For Love and Honey is a perfect snack for children or anyone keeping a close eye on their sugar intake.  This bar is also the only flavor that does not contain tree nuts.



The Biker Bar features organic crisped brown rice as its primary ingredient.  If you like the texture of rice-krispy treats, I think you'll love this version. This granola bar was born to fuel athletes who had trouble digesting granola bars while racing.  For some athletes, digestion slows down when their bodies are performing at high aerobic levels.  Rice is quick to digest and easy on the stomach, and this bar does the trick-- a tasty source of energy without the stomach upset.  The organic crisped brown rice I use in this bar is certified gluten free, making this an excellent choice for those with Celiac disease.  



The newest flavor!  Made with peanut butter, tahini, dates, honey, pecans, coconut, almonds, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, cinnamon and oats.  This granola bar offers a long-lasting source of energy thanks to all of the nuts, seeds, and nut butters...and it's dairy free.