Nuts and Glory

Simple, honest, and brazenly old-fashioned, these granola bars will remind you what good food is supposed to taste like. Whether powering through your latest triathlon or an afternoon of business meetings, these bars will keep you going strong and coming back for more.

As an American expat living abroad in the Republic of Azerbaijan, I turned my passion for cooking into a small business as a personal chef.  I took pleasure in using the freshest seasonal ingredients I could find in the local bazaars to create healthy meals for my customers.  The menu was constantly changing based upon what was in season – with the exception being a homemade granola bar that featured locally harvested honey and a fantastic variety of dried fruits and nuts from both Azerbaijan and neighboring Iran and Turkey.  These granola bars became my best-selling staple, and upon returning to the United States I decided to try my hand at focusing my business on these delectable treats.